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About Us

About QUFW

QUFW is an Obstetric and Gynaecological Ultrasound service run by doctors who are fully qualified Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. They are passionate about providing an ultrasound centre of excellence for women. We differ from other ultrasound practices in that our Obstetricians and Gynaecologists are subspecialised in pregnancy and gynaecological ultrasound and Maternal Fetal Medicine. They have undergone extensive training in Australia and internationally to be the leaders in their fields. They understand normal pregnancy and gynaecology and the problems that can occur. This means that if a problem was to be identified during a routine scan, they are able to explain its significance to you and plan out further investigations and management as appropriate in consultation with your referring doctor.

“Our services offer ultrasounds for routine normal pregnancies as well as those who are high risk or with complications.”

Why Choose QUFW

We offer routine first trimester and nuchal translucency screening, morphology and growth scans, multiple pregnancy assessment as well as gynaecological imaging procedures.

We have extensive experience in genetic counselling and consultation for abnormal fetal ultrasound findings as well as expertise in all forms of fetal therapy.

Our expertise in gynaecology ultrasound is well recognised. We have a background in gynaecology that understands the needs of our fertility and oncology colleagues.

QUFW uses experienced obstetric sonographers and has the latest high end ultrasound equipment and routinely scan using 3D and 4D for fetal assessment.

Our service also is actively involved in teaching of obstetricians, trainee obstetricians, medical students and sonographers.

We are also actively involved in research all of which results in better care for the women and their babies who come to QUFW.

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