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COVID-19 update #2

COVID-19 update #2

COVID-19 update #2

Dear Patients and Referrers,

Firstly, we hope that you are keeping well. Physical and mental health is important to maintain during this current health crisis.

QUFW has been monitoring closely various health and medical imaging governing bodies and their published COVID-19 guidelines. All the current recommendations are aimed to decrease the spread of the virus.


  1. Social distancing – All our sites’ reception areas have been rearranged to separate patients for 1.5 metre social distancing.
  2. Support Person – Only ONE support person allowed in with the patient during the scan. No children allowed.
  3. Hand hygiene promotion – We have hand sanitisers for patient usage at the front desks and in the ultrasound rooms. All sonographers and doctors, wash their hands with soap and/or use sanitisers, before and after each scan.
  4. Disinfection – The office including the front reception areas are disinfected on a frequent basis throughout the day. The EFTPOS machine, the ultrasound machines plus probes and other medical equipment are disinfected in between patients.
  5. At risk screening questions – We are asking screening questions to identify at risk patients prior to their appointment. If you are self-isolating or have possible risk factors, we will rebook you. Our own staff are also subject to these questions and stay at home if in doubt.


The most important and hardest rule to implement in obstetric & gynaecology ultrasound is social distancing. Our highly trained sonographers and doctors must be in physical contact for us to do our job. However, it is imperative that we become more stringent for safety. These include:

  1. Reduction of scanning and consult times.
  2. More telehealth consultations. Verbal consent for Medicare required.
  3. Allowance of Facetime during the scan of the screen only but no video recording without staff consent.
  4. Medical staff will be wearing masks and gloves. It is currently optional for reception. Please do not be alarmed as it makes it harder to see our usually smiling faces. It is purely a safety measure for you and QUFW staff.

As we transition to this next stage, please be patient with us. These changes are necessary in conjunction with the other changes we are all having to make elsewhere to ensure both patient and staff are protected.

Take care and keep safe.