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Frequently asked questions


The cost of the ultrasound and consultation will be discussed at the time of making an appointment. We request that accounts be settled on the day after the consultation. We have EFTPOS and accept MasterCard, VISA and American Express. We are a private medical ultrasound service and we do not routinely bulk bill as this would not allow us to provide the best comprehensive service for our patients.

Why has my doctor referred us to QUFW

Experience matters. Whilst it may be possible to find a cheaper provider for your ultrasound, not all ultrasounds are the same. The scans at QUFW are done by experienced sonographers and the doctors who run the practice have enormous expertise in the management of pregnancy and gynaecology. Your doctor sent you to QUFW because they know that they can rely upon the scan quality and the results. We use the best equipment available, however it is also the skill of the people using the equipment and how they use it, that matters.

Do I need a full bladder?

We do not routinely need an extremely full bladder. We request that you empty your bladder one hour before your scan appointment and drink 2 small glasses of water. Please do not empty your bladder before the scan.

How long will the appointment take?

Please allow up to 90 minutes. Normally it will not take this time for completion of the scan. Occasionally there are unexpected delays. If a problem is detected in a routine ultrasound it will be discussed at the time with the patient involved. In this situation, further examination and reassessment may extend over several hours depending on the complexity of this problem and individual patient needs. This process may lead to delay the assessment of other women.

We apologise for these delays which are unpredictable and make every effort to avoid significant patient inconvenience. Please ring through in advance to check that we are not significantly delayed so you can plan your day and parking arrangements.

What are our opening times?

At our Brisbane and Southport rooms we are open Mondays to Fridays 8 am to 5 pm

At our Tugun/John Flynn rooms we are usually open Mondays, Wednesday  and Thursdays. Please ring 07 5610 4973 to confirm.

How long does it take for the NIPT result to come back?

It usually takes about a week to get a result back but it can take up to 2 weeks. We will contact you with the results and we also send them through to your referring Doctor

At what number of weeks should I have my nuchal scan?

Whilst a nuchal scan can be done from 11 to 14 weeks, we very much prefer this scan to be performed closer to 13 weeks as the baby is bigger and we get much clearer views of the baby’s development and structure.

How many people can I bring into the room?

We understand how exciting an ultrasound can be. However, it is still a medical procedure and the sonographers and doctors have to concentrate during the scan whilst taking their measurements. There is also the possibility that there is bad news found during the scan and so this has to be taken into consideration. To minimise the risk of any distractions we usually only allow the patient and up to 2 other people in the room at the one time If there are more people who want to attend they may have to take turns.

When does my doctor get their report?

We will generate the report at the end of the scan and send this through to your doctor either by fax or download and give you a copy to take with you.

Will I find out the sex of my baby?

If you want to find out the sex of the baby and if we can see, we will tell you. It is not always possible to do so. Some babies are shy, others are not.

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